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Aug 27, 2015

JS Adways is now partnering with SHIRYOUKO STUDIO.
~Provides app promotion using famous game streamers in Taiwan and Hong Kong~

Aug 27, 2015 – M&A in 2012, subsidiary of Adways Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku-Tokyo, CEO: Haruhisa Okamura), JS Adways Media Inc. (Head office: Taipei- Taiwan, CEO: Jason Yang) announced its partnership with Capsule Taiwan Inc. (Head office: Taipei- Taiwan, CEO: Shusei Hanibuchi) that runs Taiwan’s first-ever game streaming studio, SHIRYOUKO STUDIO.

SHIRYOUKO STUDIO is a video production studio that collaborates with famous game streamers in Taiwan and Hong Kong. With its corporate philosophy of “Every gamer can be Hero!”, SHIRYOUKO STUDIO provides game developers a marketing channel*1 by developing its own video production, talent management and game strategy guides.
SHIRYOUKO STUDIO is also an official partner of Twitch*2, a leading live video streaming service in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Videos produced by SHIRYOUKO STUDIO will also go on Twitch every day.

SHIRYOUKO STUDIO promotes apps for developers by utilizing popularity of game streamers in Taiwan and Hong Kong, holding networking events and press conferences, and producing gaming videos to demonstrate apps. SHIRYOUKO STUDIO has already shown a great performance in user acquisition for Japanese game apps as well as increased media exposure in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Through this partnership, JS Adways has become the sales agency of SHIRYOUKO STUDIO.

Adways will continue to contribute to market growth by supporting app developers and providing innovative mobile app marketing services worldwide.

※1 Marketing Channel
Marketing channels are various ways in which goods and services are delivered from business to consumers.
※2 Twitch
The world’s leading live streaming video platform for gamers, Twitch, is provided by Twitch Interactive.

Taiwan’s first game streaming studio run by Capsule Inc. is located in downtown Taipei, where several thousand fans would gather for studio events. Since the launch in March, SHIRYOUKO STUDIO has been supporting app promotion not only for Taiwanese game developers but also for Japanese game developers.

About JS Adways Media Inc.

JS Adways was originally established in 2005. After M&A in 2012, it was renamed JS Adways Media. JS Adways provides online advertising service mainly focusing on mobile ads and Facebook ads. The company CEO Jason Yang is the head director of Digital Marketing Association with currently 70 corporate members and 10 individual members.

About Adways Inc.

Adways is a digital advertising network and a game publisher headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It runs one of the largest smartphone app delivery network in Asia. Now, with over 1,000 employees around the world, Adways operates in another 10 countries, mainly with app marketing agency service, mobile ad network “AppDriver” and app tracking tool “PartyTrack”.


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