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Oct 14, 2015

Adways starts selling Instagram Ads
~ Reduces CPI and maximizes ROAS of Instagram ads through

Oct 14, 2015 – Adways Inc (Head office Shinjuku- Tokyo, CEO: Haruhisa Okamura)is pleased to announce it has begun selling Instagram Ads including app Install ads, photo ads, carousel ads and video ads through Adways 3rd party tracking tool PartyTrack and, an ad operation platform provided by Co.,Ltd.(Head Office: San Francisco, CA, CEO: Marc Benioff).

Thanks to PartyTrack, Adways is a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with a measurement specialty. Based on this integration, app developers using PartyTrack will be able to analyze install numbers and ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) within Instagram when using Mobile App Install Ads provided by Facebook®.

Adways has been adopting for ad operations, which has a great number of successful case studies of Facebook ad operations in global market. enables us to shorten the preparation time of creating the ad assets and to put more focus on analysis of each ad campaign. Using this ad operation tool, Adways is able to drive down the CPI and also maximize ROAS by operating highly effective creatives for targeted users. Based on this experience, Adways has decided to use also for Instagram ad operations.

Adways will continue to contribute an expansion of the market by supporting the business of app developers by getting the most out of its wide experiences and know-how on ad serving and ad operations in global market.

About is a global ad campaign management platform. serves ads to world class audience platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn in various devices and provides advertisers effective ad operations.

About PartyTrack

“PartyTrack” is a user acquisition analytics tool for mobile games. Utilizing a single SDK and reporting dashboard, PartyTrack enables developers and advertisers to accurately track, attribute, measure and compare all of their UA campaigns and their impact on user acquisition, retention, in-app engagement, ROAS and life-time-value (LTV). PartyTrack enables ad analysis on iAd, Twitter and Google ad platforms.

About Adways Inc.

Adways is a leading mobile marketing company based in Tokyo, Japan. Adways provides top class in house adtech ranging from Asia’s largest ad network AppDriver to tracking analytics PartyTrack and serves as preferred agency of top class advertising partners. Now, with over 1,000 multi-national employees in 12 countries, Adways is supporting business of app developers worldwide.


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